Monday, February 13, 2017


Having so many talented friends has had an enormous impact in my life.  Their creativity is always inspiring, which opens my world to new adventures.  My pal Nan has been taking glass moulding classes.  She's gotten so interested that she just invested in her own equipment.  I was excited to experience a short tutorial.
 This helpful book is great for beginners.
 Here are two of Nan's pieces.

 We set out to make 3 small trays using iridescent glass.
 A paper template is made of each shape.
 And transferred onto the glass.
 Next the glass is scored.
And using a special tool, the shape is released from the sheet of glass.

We were using her brand new kiln for the first time.  Setting the timing for the various heating/cooling cycles was super complicated.  Unfortunately, after 3 attempts......
.....and anxiously opening the kiln each time, our glass remained exactly as it had begun, poised on top of the forms. Nan then sought help from a neighbor, a very skilled glass maker who was able to program it correctly.  It was time for my departure but I can worked and I'll post a photo after the sharp edges are polished.  

Thank you Nan for a look into glass moulding!


Judy Warner said...

What an exciting opportunity! Can't wait to see the results!

The Inside Stori said...

We found programing the kiln 10 times more difficult than programing a VCR!!! Because it was her first attempt on her own (without an instructor)......we only did really simple color....but hope I get the chance to play again!

Robbie said...

Oh great...another technique to play with! HA Looks like fun and good to keep the old minds working!!!