Sunday, February 5, 2017


Look what came in the mail yesterday!!!  A gorgeous Valentine postcard from the very talented Robbie at Robbies Paw Prints.  I'm sooooo flattered to receive one of her very special postcards. No matter what construction style....this gal can do it all.  It's always fun to see what she's up to...use the link above and wander over to her blog.
Blogger friends are truly the biggest bonus of hosting a blog!  Thank you Robbie.

Now....a note about today.....
Darn it....I was hoping to have a reason to wear my lucky Packer socks that pal Gen knitted for me......but as they say....maybe next year.  For season was over two weeks ago.....(not pouting...just a reality).....but I will wishes for both teams...hope it's an exciting injury free game.


margaret said...

a pretty card, her in the UK they are just given to boyfrineds, husbands etc not friends

Robbie said...

I think they should change their tradition in the UK and give Valentines to everyone that is special to them. I'm glad you enjoyed your card. I just want to put a smile on each persons face when they receive them (hopefully, they don't laugh out loud at the card! HA).