Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Unfortunately, my music report from day two of Bluegrass First Class is quite abbreviated.  We had to leave early because "The husband", after over 3 long months, is still recuperating from cervical surgery.  We were both terribly disappointed but he was simply in too much pain to stay.
 We did get to see Town Mountain, another new local Asheville, NC group (new to us that is). Their style didn't appeal to me.....despite having the 5 main elements of any bluegrass band; a fiddle, mandolin, upright base, guitar, banjo, it was too booey wooey pretending to be bluegrass for my taste. Their harmony was nicely done but sadly, the main vocalists when singing solo impossible to understand.  Like the day before, this venue is a great opportunity for less established groups to perfect their performances.
 We've been fans of Darin & Brooke Aldrige since we first saw them at Bluegrsss First Class a number of years ago.  They've now teamed up with John Cowan. John's fame came from playing with the New Grass Revival, from the mid 70's when he was only 22 years old until the group disbanded in 1990.  He went on to play in many genres, from country, jazz, rock-n-roll, to soul. Their performance was quite a departure with the inclusion of John than when Darin & Brooke were on their own.  
 This is one of the three groups I personally came to see.  Flatt Lonesome....love, love, love their music.....based very much in traditional bluegrass but with their own twist.  3 members are siblings.....thus their absolutely and unforgettable harmony.  They've already won tons of awards and not one of them has yet to reach the age of 30!
The Seldom Scene is my all time favorite Bluegrass group.  The name (selected way back in 1971 when they formed) can be explained by this Wikipedia notation:  Each of the band members had a job during the week; Duffey repaired musical instruments, Eldridge was a mathematician, Starling a physician,[1] Auldridge a graphic artist, and Gray a cartographer with National Geographic.[2] They agreed to play one night a week at local clubs, perform occasionally at concerts and festivals on weekends, and make records. The band's first home scene was the Red Fox Inn in Bethesda, Maryland, where they spent six years before starting weekly performances at The Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, Virginia.

The last founding band member, Ben Eldridge retired in 2016....yet the majority have now been with the group since mid 1990's. Ben played the banjo on the tune linked below.

Sitting here writing this post.....I've been listening to another one of their famous hits, "Old Train"....written by Herb Pederson who I blogged about yesterday.  I NEVER tire of this group.  

So until next year, we will have to be satisfied with recorded songs from many of these artists.....but will jump at any chance to attend live shows when possible.


Robbie said...

So sorry the 'trip' was cut short...more sorry that hubby still having issues....hugs...

doodlebugmom said...

Sorry your trip got cut short. I have C-spine surgery a couple years ago, it gets better!