Sunday, August 14, 2016


Long time readers of this blog know how much I enjoy Bluegrass music.  Luckily, there are lots of opportunties to enjoy live Bluegrass right here in our mountains.  
 'The husband' and I have seen Darin and Brooke Aldridge numerous times and they never fail to entertain with his fabulous instrumental talents and their blended harmony.  She has such a strong voice, you'll often see her stepping back from the microphone to prevent it from shattering as she belts out the lyrics.
 Waynesville, NC, has a population of about 10,000 and sits at 2,750 feet elevation.  It's our nearest town with a charming downtown featuring galleries/gift shops and restaurants, approximately 25 mins. from our house. 

 A young couple recently purchased the old movie theater on Main Street and are slowly bringing it back to life with live music and evening movies.  The Strand was built in 1945 and was said to have around 400 seats.  Now it's a tiny venue with 75 seats, padded armless chairs situated right next to each other which makes for a very intimate setting!
Bluegrass groups generally consist of a guitar, mandolin, banjo, upright base, and fiddle.  Occasionally, groups will also highlight the dobro, a personal favorite of mine. Country music quite will often feature a pedal steel guitar (as seen here).  The sound is similar to the dobro....but twangier.  We were lucky to get front row seats, seriously no less than 5 feet from the stage and dab smack in front of this musician (who also played the banjo and guitar.....sigh....what talent!)

My toes are still tapping this morning......

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Robbie said...

Hubby's daughter and her hubby have a home in Maggie Valley...Bob used to go to Waynesville to golf every we go to Florida instead! HA
We went to a bluegrass concert two years ago and hubby loved it! I like any music! nice you got to see Darin and Brooke again!