Friday, August 5, 2016


Fiber Junkie day is one we all look forward to each month....and this month of Aug. we are going to meet twice....part 1 and part 2 of a transfer technique Denny shared with us.
 Here's Professor Denny (yes, she was a professor at the U of Colorado) with college course size tutorial packets for each one of us to take home to learn/explore further.
This technique apparently has several different names....I'll just call it transfer dye/painting.  Basically it's a method where transfer dyes/paints are applied to ordinary copy paper by simply painting with a foam brush or roller.  One also has the opportunity of adding texture by using rubbing plates, bubble wrap, stamps, photos, lettering.  Here's a stack of paper created with the aid of bubble wrap.
 Denny is holding another example created in a similar manner that one would use in deconstructed screen printing.
 Once the paper is dry it's placed face down on fabric and pressed with a very hot iron.  Denny recommends using 100% poly since it can stand up to the heat requirements.  This example was the result of using several different prepared painted sheets of paper.....layering is such a strength of Denny's that she uses to achieve such interesting results.
 Here's another example
 She didn't say but I'm guessing this one was created with numerous different images from her painted papers.  Most can be used several times before the paint is spent.
 Denny had several varieties of materials to use.  This one is in powder form from Pro-Chem that has to be mixed. Polyster fabric is suggested for the fabric base.  It's not something I use or frankly even own now that I no longer create wearable art so I kinda balked at this whole concept.  However, once she showed us how she uses a fusible stabilizer on the back side....and further strengthens the fabric with machine stitching.....I was all steam ahead!
Here's another example of a transfer to poly fabric, stabilized and stitched.
 Fabric crayons are another medium we used.  They will achieve a brighter image when transferred but generally can be used only once....and if lucky a second time but the print will be lighter.  Be sure to use FABRIC crayons.
 Though most of her samples were made using Peachskin poly., these delicate prints were on dryer sheets.

Ya....I know I'm leaving you hanging post will include more info about the process, along with our ever inspiring Fiber Junkies Show and Tell.

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Robbie said...

This is a fun process...I have played with this and found a pair of hubby's old white shorts that were 85% poly and worked great. No so good on 100% cotton...transfer crayons work really well on organza too. I took a workshop by Ilze Aviks back in 2009 and she had us using the crayons...lots of fun! We hand stitched over the prints...nice effect.
Your group does so many interesting techniques!! Can't wait for part 2!

Sarah Craig said...

Wow, this looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait for the second installment - whoop whoop for anticipation!!