Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Life happens.....we had planned to do part two of our paper transfer printing at this Fiber Junkies meeting....but since two members could attend we shifted gears.  Besides, that can be done indoors and with summer waning....we have only another month or so to work in Val's perfect garage/outdoor space.
 Some areas of Asheville have had rain daily, not so in the mountain valley where I live.  It's as dry as a bone.  Even so, we planned to do some sun printing.  The last time we did this several years ago it rained and we got almost no decent prints.  Hummmm....look at the sky!
Fortunately, the sun peaked in and out and for the most part we were able to print.
 We thinned, one part Setacolor with 2 parts water.  Felted wool isn't necessarily a good option for this process....the surface isn't smooth enough. However, this blotchy mess was from some other failed experiment.....have no clue what.....so as is my motto, "If you are unhappy with your results you can (a) stay unhappy, whine, and moan or (b) get fearless and do something about it."  Really, there's nothing to lose....there's always more fabric where this came from!!
 So I painted each half with a different color. Then placed leaves on the wet surface....with some rocks to hold them down.  The more surface contact, the better the print. SURE....I know a piece of glass would have done a better job....but since I didn't have one......
......The results are disappointing.  But definitely not the end of the world and I can layer/paint/dye/stitch and continue to make lemonade from a lemon.
 Here I'm painting the diluted Setacolor onto a piece of white on white fabric.
 Covered with found object and set in the sun.....well, set outside hoping for the sun.
Quite amazing.....it actually printed some designs.
 This fabric was painted with teal Setacolor (not shown) and covered with sequin waste.
Positive results again!
Clever Gen brought some popcorn kernels which I scattered onto the other half of the teal coated fabric. Perhaps a greater length of time in the sun would have helped.....but it clouded up again and this is what appeared. I'm okay with it.

We are hoping to get in a day of marbling before we have to start meeting indoors.....and of course I'll report our adventures.


Kathy said...

I haven't done much sun printing and wouldn't think to do it on wool. Glad you are experimenting with that FOR me! I'm having everyone over for dye day on Thursday--maybe I'll paint a few pieces and throw them out on the lawn to see what happens! Popcorn? Who would have thought! Can't wait for the marbling--love marbled fabric but don't know enough about it. You are lucky to have such a great bunch of artist friends.

Robbie said...

The white painted gold piece turned out great! As did the sequin piece! Sunprinting always fun. Your group has to try Solar Fast sometime....you print out a negative so there are so many possibilities!!!

Jo Vandermey said...

Sun printing is fun and always an experience. I took my dyes to the cottage and played on the dock... down side was the wind and how fast the paint dried but I think I hooked my non sewing crafting sister into playing with me. Next year more paint!

Lara B. said...

It's great how you fearlessly play with dyes and sun printing Mary. I've always wanted to give this a try. It must be so much more fun doing it with your friends!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I've been thinking I should do some sun printing, what with the hot sunny days we've had. But that would require me to get a bit organized which at the moment I'm not inclined to do. :-) However, I am very impressed with some of your results and encouraged that the gridded plant tray I saved several springs back would indeed sunprint well. My forecast says no reason not to paint up some fabric and give it a go!