Thursday, January 7, 2016


Our 3 1/2 year old grandson is ALL BOY......loves any kind of vehicle, especially trucks. As is typical of kids that age, finding quiet time activities, especially ones that focus on fine motor skills can be a challenge.

So, grandma made a quiet time felt book with National NonWovens Woolfelt that hopefully will engage the young fellow!
It started with hunk of blackboard fabric.....the instructions called for 'conditioning' it.  It had been folded for probably 10 years, but I spread it out and rubbed the surface with white chalk, vertically and horizontally as instructed, before wiping it clean. What purpose the fabric was originally intended for is long forgotten!
The wrong side of this fairly thick fabric was backed with what looked like a knit white mesh.  Number templates were reversed and used to trace onto that material. It seemed to me that using a fusible on this rather vinyl like fabric wouldn't be in order to adhere the letters to the felt squares, I resorted to spray adhesive.  (Not a product I like using....too messy plus frankly, worries over health concerns.)
The numbers were offset on the page to allow space on the left to secure the pages into book form.  It was surprisingly easy to machine edge stitch them to the felt.
Here's the cover.
The inside cover has a place to hold chalk....
And as you can see I alternated the felt colors.
The last couple of pages are blank blackboard fabric, to be used to practice writing the numbers, after learning their shapes on each of the larger ones.

Check back for part 2......

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Linda M said...

You've been busy in the new year! Love the beads coming out of the agate and what a great idea for the quiet book.