Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Yup....that wonderful uneven hole in the agate seemed like the perfect space to show off additional beads!  I enjoy creating dangles that feature interesting 'focal' beads at the end.
 Stacking beads to create clumps can be useful to add texture and depth to one's work. I puzzled for quite awhile about how to handle the many images screen printed onto the silk noil. Often times deconstructed screen printed fabrics are very busy and difficult to work with.  In the end, I decided to incorporate simple hand embroidery to highlight some areas and help pull the less interesting ones back into the visual mix.
FOCUS ON NATURE  14" x 11"    © 2016
Deconstructed screen printed images on silk noil, bead embellished, hand embroidered. Mounted on canvas covered fabric backed frame with a hanging device.

*Note - the beads around the agate appear redish in this photo, however the  actual color more closely matches the orangey dyed scrim. 


Nancy said...

The placement of the bead dangle is perfect. Love the "red rock" feel of this.

Mysterymar said...


Robbie said...

Really nice piece, Mary! Pretty cool how the bead dangle worked on this piece!

margaret said...

the beads spill out so well from the hole

Maggi said...

Love the dangle and I think you have the balance just right between beading and hand stitching.

Lara B. said...

Such a beautiful and organic feeling this gives. Beautiful Mary!