Thursday, January 14, 2016


Call me grateful for the fabulous, talented friends that enhance my life!

How often do we exclaim...what a small world?!?  This area of NC tends to have more folks that relocated from the East....rather than the Midwest.  So it's quite astonishing to have gotten acquainted with another Sheboygan, WI born and bred gal who moved here several years ago.

She's so modest about her talents......and one very special one is the unique, exquisite pine needle baskets she weaves.  She doesn't typically sell them, so I feel very fortunate to have her custom make these two baskets.

Thank you to Lynn Wagner Mehring!!!

detail below


Kathy said...

Those are beautiful and you are very lucky, indeed!

Quilt Rat said...

Wow! These are are a lucky girl....I absolutely love the second one...are those walnut shell halves in the corners and centre? Amazing work

The Idaho Beauty said...

Lucky indeed! I love baskets anyway, but the pine needle ones are particularly lovely. These are exquisite.

margaret said...

both lovely

The Inside Stori said...

Mary here....yes, they are walnut shell friend creates such unique and well executed baskets!

Maggi said...

So talented, they are beautiful.