Monday, January 4, 2016

FOCUS ON NATURE - NEW WORK FOR 2016 we are in 2016!! And that finds me finishing a previously started small piece of wall art. 
 The inspiration was this piece of deconstructed screen printed silk noil.  
 After isolating a section that would best coordinate with this interesting blue agate slice....the stabilized fabric was fitted into a Q-Snap frame. Beading in a frame provides ample support for this heavy object and it helps avoid fabric distortion during that process.

The beads are stitched in a specific pattern that creates a cage which holds the agate in position. The hole in the slice is simply too is screaming for attention. Do come back tomorrow to see how it is enhanced.


Lara B. said...

I never can guess what you intend to do with a piece Mary and then am always so thrilled when I see where you've headed. This is gorgeous so far!

margaret said...

wondering what you are going to do next on this piece will wait for your next blog

Maggi said...

This looks good but I can see why that hole is calling you. Look forward to seeing what happens next.