Sunday, July 26, 2015


The back of our house faces north....with a partial roof over a large deck. That combo has always made it difficult to grow and enjoy flowers in that area.

Ta-da.......we tried coleus this year.......lucious colors.....happy, happy plants.
Click on photo for a larger view.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Ooo - those are really beautiful. I remember trying coleus back in the 70's as an indoor plant and all I got was leggy relatively ugly plants that then up and died. I rediscovered their beauty that summer in Rochester with Judi. There was a small courtyard off the atrium in the Eisenburg building that was below street level so got some sun but was usually shady and cool even on hot days. And there in one of the raised beds along a wall were groups of lush and beautiful coleus. I particularly like the dark purple one of yours with the bright green edging that looks like stitches...or did you run a line of beads along each leaf? :-)

margaret said...

these have worked well I too have shade spots that never see the sun moss seems to thrive in them, hoped the birds would collect it for their nests but no such luck so will have to scrap it off, fortunately it is just concrete there

Robbie said...

So very pretty! Great idea!

Maggi said...

I love the wide range of colours and leaf patterns on the coleus. Yours look stunning together.