Thursday, July 30, 2015


We've been told by the locals that the number of days of early morning fog in late summer, equals the number of days of snow in the winter.
 That has me worried..... photo shows the back of our house...with a bank of fog just coming over the top.  Within minutes it was engulfed by fog.
 This morning view has been almost daily now for about 2 weeks.....
Though it is beautiful as the sun begins to burn it off!


Nancy said...

Never heard that particular prognostication... Guess you'll be able to observe the accuracy, but not for awhile please!

Robbie said...

Yikes! Maybe you need to think about Florida for the winter!!

margaret said...

not heard that about snow before, trust it is just an old wife`s tale.
Getting fed up here with the cold and quite a bit of rain, not been able to sit out for over a week now