Thursday, July 2, 2015


Busy, busy.....I've always heard how much busier folks seem to be when they retire.....though I was extremely busy before, now I wonder how on earth I did it all!

I'm in the middle of creating two large projects that will be gifts.  I'm holding off blogging about them right now and time hasn't allowed me to generate much else.  So, rather than disappear's a look at a small project in the works.
 This piece of coarsely woven linen fabric was indigo dyed during a Fiber Junkies play date some time ago.  I LOVE this color and could easily work with it on every project!
 During my reorganization post-teaching period, I came across several beaded agate slices that I'd used as workshop samples.  This one was paired with a small piece of felted wool that I'd marbleized.  A final row of beads stitched at the base of the agate holds it to the fabric.
 Because the work will be mounted on a canvas covered frame, a basted outline of the required size helps to keep my design within that boundary.
Isn't it always such a surprise when your initial 'design map' takes an off ramp? After several starts and stops adding beads to the background, I gave up and listened to the quilt.  Instead, leaves were gathered and printed onto the fabric using acrylic paint.  Next, I hand embroidered details.  What's next?? I'm not sure...perhaps I'll have some evening stitching time soon to explore that question.  Stay tuned.....


crafty cat corner said...

Simply beautiful, I like the idea of holding the stone down with beads.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Do like the addition of those printed leaves...

Robbie said...

This is by far a very, very LOVELY piece!!!! Just beautiful