Wednesday, March 25, 2015


So....the results are in.....  In my opinion, microwave ice dyeing is a good option for cotton when quick results and small amounts are desired.  However, our group will need to do more experimenting to develop more predictable results.

Mine are a bit disappointing....NOT that I didn't have a grand time.....the Fiber Junkies meetings are one of the highlights of my matter what we do!  

I purposely experimented with mostly non-cottons....which I suspect affected the outcome a lot.  But, a gal wants to know....'what if'.
 BEFORE - a hunk of peachy/pinkish Easter egg color National NonWovens WoolFelt.  This was a 80/20 blend....not intended to be washed and dried....much less boiled in hot dye!  I really dislike this color.....
......So....I had nothing to lose.  This is the AFTER.....cooled off but still not yet rinsed.  Not wonderful but it had potential.
AFTER - AFTER - yuck....rinsed, washed in synthrol, and dried.  The surface is now very pilled, distorted, pale, ugly.  But....what a challenge, right?? 
BEFORE - This pitiful piece of 100% light weight wool (dress good quality which doesn't felt well) had been previously dyed....I "think" it may have been ice dyed in the traditional method...or perhaps tray dyed.  Does it matter how?? Nope....

Another day I added the brown lines during an acrylic painting marathon that my friends Kate and Judy and I had.  Now I really hated it....honestly, this photo is much better than the piece is.
 AFTER -  It was microwave ice dyed using blue Procion MX......unfortunately, it's still ugly.
AFTER - BACK SIDE -  Now...perhaps this has more potential.
BEFORE - on left - AFTER on Right....not much difference is there?  I placed this loosely woven cotton.....almost linen looking but it isn't.... beneath another piece of fabric which was sitting on a plastic strainer.  The idea is that as the ice/dye strikes the first piece of fabric, and the liquid works its way to the bottom layer.  Often yielding some really great designs.  Unfortunately, not in this case.  I'll redye it for sure.
BEFORE - LEFT - A piece of pale celery green silk noil....
AFTER - right......well now we are talking!!!  I love this one!!!


Julie Bagamary said...

Good for you to experiment! I really like the last one too.

Nancy said...

Interesting to see how different fiber content worked with this method. The last one is quite pretty, though the others may be useful when cut in smaller pieces.

The Idaho Beauty said...

LOL - One gal's ugly is another gal's "oooh!" I had the same disappointment with at least one of my snow dyeing experiments - really thought it ugly. One of my art group loved it and offered to take it off my hands.

Maggi said...

It's certainly worth experimenting and it's interesting to see what happened to the non-traditional fabrics you used. The silk noil has turned out really well.