Monday, March 30, 2015


 Fiber Junkie pal Kate got us in the habit of using a clean up cloth to 'savor' all the spills and drips of dye that accumulate while dyeing.  The results can be quite fabulous.  

There were only three of us during one particular session, so we decided to challenge each other to incorporate our clean up cloth into a project.  I made aprons for each of us with my super colorful cloth, using nearly every bit of the fabric.
 This is an example of a not very lovely clean up cloth that I was using at our recent microwave ice dyeing day.  It need more spills! 
 Each apron features a theme favored by the owner.  Being from Wisconsin, cows have always found their way into my work. So for my apron, I chose a bovine imagine, along with a cow pie and stenciled hoof prints.  
The lettering was outlined with a machine blanket stitch and a pigma pen around the cow.
The clean up cloth was washed in synthrapol before cutting and fusing it to the aprons.
Judy uses mushrooms images in her work quite frequently, but won't eat them!!
Kate spends time on Folly Beach, SC where she is inspired by marsh grasses, the sea, and sail boats. 

What do you do with your clean up cloths??


Nancy said...

And not one thing goes to waste! Great idea.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I've used some of my drip clothes as backgrounds for fabric postcards or other small quilt art. Some ended up going in the dye vat to even them out and have provided perfect small pieces for applique via fussy cutting. Since I started playing with paint, I've also got some clothes that were used to wipe off brushes or at least expend the excess paint from them in interesting ways. I've got one that's pretty used up and ready to act as a showcase for more postcard art! Those aprons are really cute!

Windy Hill Happenings said...

I LOVE, LOVE mine...You are SO clever!