Thursday, January 8, 2015


Okay, I admit it......I have fairly high standards when it comes to the construction of my art. My Mom may have beaten the old adage....."Anything worth doing is worth doing well" into my I'll blame this trait on her.
 It's not a surprise that the recently completed, unevenly felted bowl was really bugging me.  
It still will not be a masterpiece.....but as you can see I'm in the process of felting it again.  It's being done with needle felting....and looking sooo much better.  More blending of the fibers still needs to be done......but it's getting better.  WHEW!!!!


Linda M said...

That's looking pretty good. I tried knitting a hat and then felting it, actually tried twice, both were a disaster.

Nancy said...

Bowl improvement is working. That accent of blue is nice. How about some beads?

Robbie said...

So funny the pressure we put on ourselves...thanks to our mom's!! HA Wonder if we've instilled that into our kids...oh, wait...I can answer that! YES WE DO!!!! Both my kids are just like me!!!

Kaja said...

I think this is working - the blue really lifts it.