Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Our Florida PTA member (Professional Textile Artists) is in Asheville doing some house sitting.  We are thrilled to have her back with us.  And, were delighted to visit the showcase home she's minding.  Oh my goodness.....art overload.  The owners have an excellent collection.
One piece that caught my attention was a framed felted design made by Chad Alice Hagen, felter supreme.
The owner is a felter too......here's one of her stunning creations.  It's followed by several photos of examples from their collection.

Is this clever or what......fruit crates turned into art!!!
This piece was created by PTA member Barbara Swinea.....it looks like it was made for this location......though it wasn't.  Great art fits anywhere!!
Just like most quilt guild meetings....show and tell can become the highlight of any gathering.  Lynne has been on a hand-dyeing binge.....here is just some of what she's created. 
Barbara was playing with black and white.....I know whatever comes of these blocks will be fabulous.
Kate reworked a piece of marbled fabric (that she felt was disappointing)...It was totally transformed bu using diluted house paint.  Amazing, no???
Here's a detail of her trademark tiny FM bubble stipple quilting.
Judy's daughter took a liking to a fabric collection in a quilt shop....she's not a quilter so guess who put the top together.....Mom of course!
Leigh Anne awed us all with this finished project from last year's PTA retreat.  It was inspired by Charlie Harper's designs.

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Nancy said...

Where to start?? I love it all, esp. the orange crate pieces, the bubble quilting, the new fabric line... well I could go on. What a treat you all had.