Friday, January 23, 2015


 National Nonwoven's designer program has provided me with some sneak previews of their new products.  Years ago I fell in love with Xotic Felt, a Bamboo/Rayon blend.  The colors are fabulous and the material is like working with butter....only sturdier of course!

This product inspired the following two pieces......

The 3 still nearly full boxes of Japanese fabrics gifted to me by my friend Helen are quietly awaiting further inspiration.  I've already made several lap quilts but wanted to try my hand at a small wall art piece.  

I'm not accustomed to working with such busy prints, esp. with a smaller scale I'm treading in choppy waters, but enjoying the challenge.  The plan was to create a 'background'....blending the prints as much as possible and to feature a high contrast design.  Ta-Da.....bamboo....been there, done that, and I can do it again!

Since I don't draw....visits to the Internet help guide me.  Since my pieces are intended to feature stylized designs....tracing or duplicating motif exactly isn't necessary or desired.  This photo was my jumping off point. I wanted to have a light/sun image represented, as well as the silhouette of bamboo.  
 Naturally I needed to buff up my motifs so they'd show up on the busy fabric!
The background was machine quilted with metallic thread. The bamboo was machine appliqued.
BAMBOO IN SILHOUETTE  20.5" x 24"  © 2015
Commercial cottons, machine appliqued & quilted. 


Windy Hill Happenings said...

Wonderfully clever !.....looking forward to seeing it in person

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Oh I love the piece-edited and beautifully designedJ. I especially enjoy the "busy" background that highlights the beauty of the bamboo. I don't draw either and search the internet in a similar way for inspiration. I am your companion in crime!

carla said...

Hi!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Regina B Dunn said...

Very nice job. The dark bamboo quiets and compliments the busy fabric underneath. A very pleasing piece.

Kaja said...

I love the way you have used the prints as a background for your bamboo. The business works perfectly with the strong lines on top.