Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Santa (our son & DIL) gifted me a bonanza of felting supplies.....to say I've been anxious to play with the colorful goodies is an understatement!!  Felting my own wool is rather new for me.  I'm pretty much teaching myself with the aid of lots of online tutorials and blogs.  P.S. - I have a LOT to learn! 

 This beautiful 'watermelon' pre-felt batting became my inspiration. The fibers were split and alternately arranged (vertically and horizontally) into a rectangle.
 Digging into a selection of curly wool fibers was such a treat.....
 Once all the fibers were wet, soaped, and lightly rubbed to start the felting process, the entire package was encased in bubble wrap and a bamboo friction mat.  It was rolled, wetted, rolled, soaped, rolled until all the fibers grabbed each other and became one.  I have to admit the felting process took much longer than what I've experienced in the past.  The wool curly fibers simply did not want to be incorporated.
 Finally, enough of them were sufficiently secured that I called it quits.
 But as you can see....there were areas that needed further attention.  After the piece dried, these rebel fibers were hand needle felted into the base...making a tidier presentation.  Did I say I have a LOT to learn?!?
Appx. 10" square
This may become a base for further embellishing....thinking beads of course.....OR I may cut it apart and add the pieces to another project.


Kathy said...

Oh, you brave soul! I love the looks of wet felting, but it's something I'll leave to others. Good luck with that hobby! This piece looks really good, even with the rebel curly locks. Can't wait to see your next experiments!

Robbie said...

I too applaud you for felting! If anyone can make something from this process it will be you!!! Continue having fun!!

margaret said...

good job you have done with the wool tops, I have a very large container of them they never see the light of day so maybe it is time they went

Nancy said...

Truly a fascinating process! I tried a needle felting machine at a Home Sew Expo one time. It was interesting and grabbing all those fibers to work into the piece was fun. Beads will look great on this piece.