Monday, November 3, 2014


By the time you are reading this....I'll be winging my way to present a lecture and workshop at the Champlain Valley Quilt Guild in Burlington, VT.  It will take 3 flights and nearly 10 hrs. to get there....the convenience of air travel seems to be going backwards!

Preparing for my final two teaching jobs during the month of November has been surprisingly distracting....therefore my accomplishments have been sparse. This little project is nearly complete.  Due to its uneven size, I've decided to mount it on a black silk noil covered canvas frame......and as soon as I get a frame the correct size.....I'll do just that! 
 I have almost zero drawing skills......however sometimes mapping out a rough plan is necessary when specific placement is required.
 The inspiration for the design came directly from this piece of hand felted and dyed wool I made about a year ago.
 The motifs are Ultra-Suede, machine and hand appliqued in place.
Available soon in my shop
Artist hand-felted, hand-dyed wool, Ultra-Suede, machine & hand applique, and hand embroidered.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, that is quite lovely. I might have thought of the tree in silhouette but not the birds and certainly not the fence. A beautiful piece of felt, a beautiful result.

Hoping all the cancelled air flights I saw on the weather channel this morning has not effected your travel. Ten hours is bad enough, more stuck in airports you cannot get out of even worse.

Judy Warner said...

Lovely. Did you have to stitch through ultra-suede?

Kathy said...

You've inspired me yet again! Beautiful, simple, compelling. You do such wonderful work.

The Inside Stori said...

To answer Judy's question. Yes, the ultra-suede is stitched to the machine on fence and tree, by hand on the birds.

Windy Hill Happenings said...

That is a darling the colors and the silhouettes...Good job Girlfriend!