Wednesday, November 12, 2014


When we were a tad younger.....perhaps sharing our age was avoided....but heck, now we can glory in the fact that we are still active and enjoying life in our 70th year.
 It was Judy's turn to wear a birthday crown.....with good wishes and a hug from Val.  We all thought we pulled a fast one on Judy by having her surprise celebration this month, rather than in December since we didn't want it to conflict with our holiday gathering.  NOT.....she guessed.....but went along with the sneaky preparations anyway.

 She often talks about her fond memories of playing with paper dolls when she was a little girl.  So that was our theme.......  What a fun collection we gathered for her.
 Denny dyed a table cloth.....another tradition....the birthday girl gets a great hunk of dyed fabric.  Don't misunderstand....we don't celebrate every birthday....only the really 'big' ones'.  I made poster board place mats.  While we enjoyed a yummy chili lunch....we used a variety of marking pencils to 'dress' our dolls.

Now this may not be little girl paper doll material......but we aren't dead yet!
I tend to be the dessert maker for our group.  In keeping with our ages....we are trying to eat rather than the normal sugar filled birthday cake, I made an apple torte, topped with an apple slice rose.....  Really it tasted better than it looks.

Check in again tomorrow when I share the rest of our day's activities. 

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