Saturday, January 25, 2014


Three friends, in as many months have been diagonsed with breast cancer.....if I haven't mentioned it before....please sure to get your mammograms.  They were all alerted by this simple (if not uncomfortable) test.

 So, what's a quilter's first response.....make a quilt and deliver some food!!  One quilt is finished and delivered.  For this next quilt, I've dug into the boxes of beautiful batiks my friend Helen gifted me.

And began piecing some very simple, graphic, yet hopefully cheery blocks...stay tuned.....


Robbie said...

How nice of you!!! Hope your friends have a successful recovery! Just heard about the accident at the races...hope they too are OK!

margaret said...

so sorry to read about your friends, knowing that you are there to support them will be a great help and the quilts are a lovely way to show you care