Monday, January 6, 2014


Close doesn't count......with the Packers playing 3rd stringers in so many positions due to the major number of injuries the team has experienced....they just didn't have enough left to beat a very good San Francisco team.

Of the old saying goes....  There's always next year.

We've been lucky so far this winter......ducking almost every storm.  It caught up with's bitter cold, the wind is blowing so hard that the snow is coming down horizontally.....yuck.  I took this photo from inside which really doesn't give you the feel for just how awful the weather is.....  Yes, I'm whining....I really can't tolerate winter anymore....even a day or two of it. Though I know it's far worse in other areas of the country....stay safe everyone!

BUT....perhaps I'll turn it to my advantage.....and declare this a 'sewing day' not a 'snow day'!   


Ineke said...

You are right, it's sewing day.

Robbie said...

Hubby & I were pulling for the Packs! So sorry!!!! My kids & neighbor already have 14" of snow!!! My son who works 7 days a wk. Can't even get out of their sub! Now I worry because he is trying to shovel the sub out with some snow blowers...although I don't think they could get through the snow bless you had a monster one! Stay warm!