Thursday, December 12, 2013

SELF HEALING CUTTING MAT RESOURCE all thought I was making excuses about my studio 'work related' injury didn't you?  Haste and carelessness certainly were evident, but a new rotary blade and a new cutting mat allowed the Olfa cutter to fly.

With that said...I was LONG overdue for a new mat....and held off due to the high cost of one as large as required for my table.

I have no relationship with this company.....but can tell you their mats are half the price as what is charged in quilt related business and exactly the same quality.  I ordered online, got it in 2 days and LOVE it.....all the markings are in more metric to work around.  

They carry many different sizes.....check it out here if you are in need.  Consider this a service announcement! case you are finger is much better....tx's everyone for your concern.


margaret said...

sounds like a good buy, as you say mats are not cheap. Good to hear the finger is healing well.

Karen Scribner said...

Does it have a "new" odor?

The Inside Stori said...

Karen asked....does it have a new odor?? NOPE!!!