Monday, December 9, 2013


Before I begin today.......a BIG thank you goes out to Santa for granting the wishes of all Cheeseheads.....a win for the Packers!! wasn't pretty but it was a win!

Most bluegrass venues are suspended for the winter....allowing the musicians to be at home with their families.  We are so fortunate here in our neck of the mountains to have the hottest bluegrass group, Balsam Range right in our backyards. Literally, the fiddler, Buddy Melton lives just down the road from our house.

So, beginning in December through April, their winter bluegrass series takes place in a charming restored theater in downtown Canton, NC.  Once a thriving town due to the huge paper mill that employed so many folks from this area.  The mill still functions, but on a much smaller scale. In addition to hearing Balsam Range play, as an added bonus, they invite another group who they like and admire....allowing us to experience (often new to us) talent.  Saturday night's guests were the Jeff Little Trio, a very unusual combination of instruments....piano, upright bass, and guitar (which alternated with a banjo.)

Balsam Range's newest album, Paper Town, won "Album of the Year" at the most recent IBMA awards. This is a BIG deal!!  So...whether or not you are a fan of this style of click on the short video I've included will surely put a smile on your face.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I like bluegrass in small doses. This is such a rich sound and yes, puts a smile on my face. And it also reminds me of some of the music I danced to when I belonged to a square dance group in junior high and high school - good memories!

And I was so glad to hear about the Packers, knowing it would make you happy!