Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Rather than having you dear readers jumping back to the past posts I've written during creation of this tiny piece, here's the Reader's Digest version instead.  However, if you wish to learn what it's really like exploring new techniques you can read about it here then here again....actually, I'm surprised when I look back that I hadn't whined even more!  The stitching encompassed 5+ hours nightly for about 45 days.
The inspiration was a piece of leftover laser cut metal (about 1/8" + thick) found at a local fabricator's studio. (don't be fooled by the web's not all about bikes.....he's an artist in his own right!)
Materials were gathered....though now looking at the pile....very few of these original items were actually used.  But isn't that the way it always works??
After a rough landscape sketch, the single strand embroidery on wool felt began.
 And continued....
 And continued some more...
......till finally it was completed.
 Because the metal motif focal point was heavy, it was necessary to mount the artwork onto a canvas covered frame.
Due to the thickness of the material, it was quite a challenge to obtain clean professional looking corners using the gallery wrap method. 
 Once secured, the next task was to attach the 'iron tree'.  After rejecting many ideas, I settled upon wiring it in place.
 It was a surprise that only two wires held it so firmly!
Here's a view from the front.
A paper label was prepared and attached to the back of the canvas and I signed it as well.

Many artists leave the back of their work as seen in the previous photo.  Being a perfectionist....that seems so untidy to me.  I perfer to layer batting (or foam if I have the correct depth) in the empty space......
....then cover that with fabric.  In this case, woolfelt which is attached by hand stitching in place.  Another label is added to the back and hanging devices are attached as well.
IRON TREE   8" X 8"    © 2013 
Much to my surprise and delight - this piece is already -  SOLD
Woolfelt, hand embroidered, featuring a laser cut metal motif 

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Lisa said...

I can see why it's sold Mary! It's gorgeous! I love the iron piece on it.

Robbie said...

It is a wonderful! piece!!!

Quilt Rat said...


The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, that is just amazing! This is the effect I've tried to get with machine quilting very close lines on my Palouse Hills series, with less success than here. As you know, I am ever enthralled with the way thread color can alter things. I'm not surprised it sold so quickly, but I can also see why you were ready to be done with the making of it!

Linda M said...

All those hours of stitching really made a beautiful piece, congratulations on the sale.

Jayne said...

so stunning! I love it and congrats on the sale!

Deborah OHare said...

Love the stitching and the inspired tree.