Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Our Fiber Junkies group was started about 6 years ago with a limited membership of 6.  The idea behind the group was to gather with like-minded fiber artists who were willing to share their own knowledge and explore new ones as well.

Given the busy lifestyle of any creative person, over the years we've said so long (but never goodbye) to a few members, while welcoming new ones.  

 Each December at our holiday party, we refrain from our normal play time,  instead, we enjoy a relaxing day with great friendship and food.  Denny brought this (not only gorgeous) log cake but I can assure you, it was delicious too.

Because we all love giving....yet need to be sensible in our time commitments....we each bring 5 small handmade gifts (by ourselves or someone else) for each other.

Jen Grundy made these over the top gift tags.....each so charming I don't think I could ever use them!
 Judy Simmons, our marbling expert, made book marks!  Tissue lame was marbleized and machine stitched....beautiful to behold!
 Kate Weston presented us with beaded angel ornaments....what a lot of love went into these as each was a different pattern! 
 Denny's gift was a two for one......this clever dyed/screen printed handmade envelope.....
 .....contained her very own small publication, "The Ladies - Women Rethinking Their Lives" by Denny Webster.  It's a collection of quilts she made representing unusual stories of various women. 
 Val McGaughey gifted us each with journals.....covered with her artwork.  The fabrics were dyed, stamped, screen printed, stenciled......which combined into a treasure!!

The group also uses this time together to brainstorm and create a 'goals' list of methods, techniques we wish to explore together in the following year.  Believe me, we did not lack ideas.  The cooperation among our members is fantastic....we take turns organizing/leading the meetings (such as the all important supply lists and lesson plans!)  This allows us to make the best of our time together.  We know we won't become an air brush expert after that method is explored in 2014.......but we are SURE we will be having fun learning.


Robbie said...

I was just reading Judy's blog and seeing her pics...lovely work!!! Small groups are nice aren't they!

margaret said...

what a great group and you all made such lovely gifts for each other, happy creativity for 2014