Sunday, September 8, 2013

THE PACK IS BACK!!!! any good Cheesehead.....we wait....hoping that this is our year again.  You can take the gal out of Wisconsin, but never her love of the Green Bay Packers......  Even our son, who now lives in the Bay area, will be cheering for the green and gold.

Soooooo........GO PACK, GOooooooooo!!!  

We are grateful for what we suspect is an intervention by "Saint Vincent" for getting the game on national TV so we can enjoy it at home.  Our flags will be flying high.

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Robbie said...

Lions won! Yippee!!! Even with having four TD's taken away from them due to rulings...ok, so the rulings were correct but still!
Watching Green Bay right now!! Good luck!!! I'm rooting for you and your team!