Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well.....I've been having fun......big fun if the truth be told.  Kuddos to Lisa Sorensen @ kaizenjourney   I've been smitten with her embellished river rocks ever since I first laid eyes on them. 
So the other day, I kept my felted wool on the shelf and tried my hand at embellishing several small rocks instead.  Yikes, my respect for Lisa grew even greater if that was possible.  

I have a lot to learn and must find a source for small smooth flat rocks.  NC mountains has rocks....and we have rivers....but the two have not combined to cross my path.  I'm on a mission now.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Anything to rationalize your bead additions... ;-)

margaret said...

this is something different, will pop over to the link and look at that too

Norma Schlager said...

What a fun idea! The blue threads and beads are a great addition.