Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This Modern Quilting trend is onto something. 
Simple patches & big blocks, that's my kind of patchwork!  Yes, I did intricate patchwork years ago, but even then I didn't enjoy the process like I should.  Once I started creating my own funky, folk art embellished (often humorous) designs...I found my place.  Of course if you view my work now, except for the beadwork, you may not even see a glimmer of my once trademark quilts.  

I've found a new passion when I was working on my wool book and haven't stopped exploring since!

 But...what do you see here?  Yes, 100% cottons that have for the most part been lingering in my closet for well onto 25 years!  
 It's truly amazing how little one's stash is reduced even after piecing nearly all of a quilt!  BUT....gosh...I need a backing and since I don't have any one fabric with enough yardage, I'll have to piece one.  So, the stack of fabric should get even slightly smaller.
This may be the last view you'll see, it's a gift and when it's done, it will be on its way.....and I'm sure you can imagine the finished quilt w/o a photo anyway!

I plan to machine quilt it with vertical straight lines.  I won't kid you....really that's all I'm capable of.  I LOVE to hand quilt, and I have mastered that technique (if you are attending the Feb. 2014 AQS Phoenix show....look for my workshop on that subject), however this is a lap quilt, meant to be used and even abused so I'll save my hand quilting for another project.


Robbie said...

Nicely done...funny how 'old' always comes back as 'new'!

margaret said...

looking good but can`t you share o photo of it when finished, you are teasing us.