Wednesday, September 18, 2013


What a needle and thread has added to my life could never be measured....even in a 1,000 page book, never mind this blog.  In addition to having taught in all but 3 states in the US, plus so many unforgettable international locations, I count the friends I've made along the way as the most important benefits. 

 As a guest speaker, sitting at a guild meeting, I've heard glowing remarks from members who proudly display projects inspired by a workshop, book, or style of an instructor.  It's rewarding to know that even though often the path of the student/instructor is only never-the-less can have a lasting impact.  And...that goes both ways.

I was gifted this beautiful glass cabochon from one such person.....thank you Janet.....I can't wait to incorporate it into an upcoming project.  It's very much appreciated!

Speaking of sharing....I blogged about this simple patchwork lap quilt here.  It took me a bit longer to finish it than before it's sent off to its new owner, here's a final look.  No....this isn't a master piece in design with intricate patchwork or machine quilting....rather, it was made with love as a surprise gift. Isn't this why so many of us quilt??  

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Robbie said...

I feel I'm 'gifting' myself with each art quilt I make!!! The cabochon is beautiful...can't wait to see what you do with that!!!