Monday, May 20, 2013


Like the rest of the country, spring took awhile to arrive, but as is often the case, we seem to be moving right into summer.  FINE BY ME!!

"The husband" has been down with a bad back for several weeks, and mine is pitiful too, especially when it comes to gardening that requires bending over.  I can stand and spray the hose....but crouching over to plant/weed/etc. is a killer.  

However, over the weekend, we decided that between the two of us we might have one good body with the ability to purchase outdoor flowers and get them potted.

I was anxious to plant this clever, thoughtful Mother's Day gift.   Hummm....candy infused with herbs perhaps??   
 Well....not quite.....and if one didn't read the fine might think it was for eating!
 The seeds are incorporated into clay/dirt for ease of planting....which I did today....I have high hopes I'll be harvesting delicious herbs in no time.
 Our property is quite large, with more bedding areas to maintain than I care to even think about.  Good thing 'the husband' enjoys that task!  Hopefully, his back will hold up.  It's mid-May and our Rhododendron bushes are just now blooming as are the azaleas and other blooming plants.
 We have a large collection of antique and reproduction crocks to display flowers.....both in the front of our home and......
........around the back.....despite the huge chore, I love the look!

The next interruption in my studio time will be cleaning the porch and porch furniture....that's another chore that always feels so good when it's completed!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see all those herbs popping up.
Thanks again for the great time in Asheville Mary. You are a gem!