Sunday, May 12, 2013



 As we spend the day paying tribute to Mom's.....I also want to mention another celebration that took place yesterday.

One of my dearest colleagues, Pat Campbell passed away on March 13, 2013. I blogged about it at the time as did others here and more here.
 Yesterday, John, the love of her life hosted a celebration at their home of Pat's contributions. For many quilters, Pat was such an inspiration so I hope you'll indulge me as I share these photos.  I'll never forget the kindness she showed me when I was a newbie on the quilting circuit, not to mention how deep our friendship grew.
 Her home was decorated with her quilts, books she wrote, patterns she created, fabric she designed and most of all....friends that she made were there to remember her.  A collection of Pat's most important quilts has been donated to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.  AQS will also be exhibiting them at two upcoming shows, hopefully sometime in 2013.
Pat loved flowers and featured them in her work almost exclusively.  Her patio garden was in full bloom and her home filled with her favorite flower....tulips.... sure to tell the Mom in your life how much she means to you....and take a moment one day in the coming week to do the same for the special girlfriends in your world.


Robbie said...

How nice of you to share the celebration of Pat's life. She was such an inspiration to me...I took several of her hand applique classes and, of course, still have her books!!! Hope you had a nice, relaxing day yourself!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for sharing, Mary. And empathizing of course. I never got a chance to take a class with Pat but I so admired her work over the years. Brave husband to put this tribute together, but also such solace to have tangible memories to hold. Curt is literally hanging on to one of Judi's bed quilts, old and worn but still one of his favorites, to get him through the last few days. We marvel how textiles can keep us linked to those we love. Do you have something of Pat's? I love that some of her work is going to the museum. I should be so lucky...

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