Monday, January 21, 2013


The feedback I receive regarding my resist dyed felted wool/beading combination is fun to read.  It sounds like many of you are encouraged to give it a try!!  

One factor to keep in mind when using resist hand-dyed wool is how much energy the fabric already brings to the piece.  The fuzzy texture adds more complexity.  Then....adding beadwork is another layer.  Balancing each is necessary in order to obtain a cohesive successful product.

 Personally, I love the soft/hard integration....  The challenge often comes in selecting the right scale, value, & color contrast in the materials.  At least it does for me since once I'm in my studio...nothing short of fire can get me out....and besides, shopping here in the mountains is so limited.

I purchased a bunch of agate slices recently and am itching to use some...hoping I can find a good match with my felt. 
This stone could have better contrast but I'm hoping the beadwork will help to frame and set it off....cause I'm going for it!

Not bad......I think this will work.  Though I need to be careful about the weight.  The felt is only 6.5" x 5.5" so it can't carry too much.

I'm so in love with attaching this type of stone to my work.....and am happy that one of my workshop at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in February will feature this technique!!


Marti said...

I love the whole process of wool. These colors are lovely and the idea of beads framing the agate. Nice! I collect sea glass and think I will give this a try!

Kit Lang said...

Beautiful stone!

Linda M said...

Looks wonderful, nice combination.

Sharon Rotz said...

I like the hard and soft combination. Is the beadwork holding the stone in place or is it fasten on another way?

Mary Stori said...

The beads hold the agate to the felted wool. It is secured with a dab of glue during the beading process....but since the wool is so porous, the glue is not to be considered permanent.

Nina Marie said...

So glad that you managed to link up - looking out at my snowy window even at the races the sunshine sounds good!