Thursday, January 10, 2013


WHAT??  Two posts in one day.  I'd hoped to be able to post this on Friday to coordinate with Nina's Off The Wall Friday.....but I won't have access to the Internet here goes....

The counting is over......with a few more hours of stitching that I managed to squeeze out of my day today.....this little piece is finished....and I'm happy....

RECTANGLES 6.5" x 7"
Woolfelt - machine and hand stitched, embellished
with beads and fused glass.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Got a blogger tip for you. When you are composing your post, you can schedule it to publish at a later date. Look at the list on the right side of the page - click on any one to see your options. Once you indicate date and time you want the post to publish, and you are done composing, click on publish. In your list of posts, you will see that it says it is scheduled to be published on the date you set.
I was so happy to find that option because there are definitely weeks when I've had a lot to post but knew I'd not have time each day to do it.