Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Did I mention my life is going to be a bit crazy for many upcoming weeks......??? Ya, I did.....and I thank you all for hanging with me....waiting for quality sewing related posts!!

 Fast, small projects are going to be all I can tackle for here's some materials I've pulled.  These are all the pine needles that remain which I blogged about recently.
Because the number of needles are limited, I decided to add another design element in addition to the hand-dyed felted wool I created for the background.

Seriously, you can't imagine the pile of fabrics hauled out to audition....finally settling on a piece of sheer fabric that I marbleized during a Fiber Junkies mini retreat this summer. what????
Maybe this??  Let's see what happens.....

Sorry for the inconsistent color in my photos.  We are on the 6th day of solid rainfall.....dark skies, fog.....difficult lighting for my already too dark studio.....

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bohemiannie! art said...

Looks like a very interesting beginning. And yes, I sure can imagine how much fabric you audition!!! Ask me how I know. :) It sounds like you're taking your busy-ness in stride and have such a good it'll all be wonderful, I'll bet.