Thursday, January 10, 2013


The background color here appears a bit pinkish/purplish.....the result of taking the photo at 10:00 PM last night.  The sun hasn't come up over the mountains yet so there's no sense in reshooting.....  The Woolfelt is white....not pure white....but definitely white.

This morning I want to share what I've done to the add texture to the background.  The simple running stitches are stitched with 2 strands of DMC Embroidery thread...lines traveling in both horizontal and vertical directions.  (Upper right still not completed).  It amounts to 2 nights of about 3 hrs. each of stitching.  AGAIN....I'm not necessarily counting, rather observing just how much time handwork requires.

Once that is finished, the plan is to back it and 'frame' it with more beadwork.  Beading the edges/borders of quilt has been a trademark of mine now for about 12 years when I began teaching my techniques and publishing instructions in my books.  It's fun to see how many stitchers are now enjoying this unique added touch to their quilts!

I mentioned earlier this week that my upcoming schedule was busy....and so it begins in earnest......   I hope to post during this time.....but if soon as this piece is finished you'll see it here.

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