Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Through A Quilter's Eye - Part 4

I know....this event seems to go on and on......believe me I KNOW!  You gotta this a car race or a carnival?  Yup, that's a water skier on the lake that's in the infield of the track.

During much of the daylight hours of the race.....this blimp circled the speedway.  Just after the national anthem was sung, there was a goose pimply 'fly over' of 3 huge jets from a nearby military station.  My photos only showed 3 dots in the sky, so I've spared you that photo.  It's one of those -  ya had to be there things.

And of course there is the food......huge sides of beef skewered on poles, smoking over an open wood fire.

What did I this a carnival?  If you've ever seen the old Steve McQueen movie, Les Mans, this scene will be familiar.  If's just another ferris wheel!  Pretty at night though.

Another shiny, decal filled Porsche in the garage area, just prior to the race, when expectations are high.

Garage race.......THE END

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Mrs. Mel said...

So who won? Helio?