Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Daily "forced marches" up and down steep streets in our mountain environment (otherwise known as exercise) has led to lots of discoveries. I've noticed many interesting feathers scattered about and I've challenged myself to recreate their details using beads. I begin by sketching a rough design.

Felted wool is basted to a pellon interfacing marking the size I want my center square to measure. The shapes of the feathers are also basted through these layers. Next, with a variety of seed and bugle beads, I use various beading stitches to obtain the desired texture. This isn't immediate gratification, but so worth the effort!!!

The center square is machine quilted and trimmed to its finished size. The wavy cut grey 'mock' sashing strips (which cover the unfinished red edges) were bead appliqued to the blue felted wool foundation piece. The outside edges were finished with hand blanket stitching using wool embroidery thread.

The piece is called "Free Floating".....it measures 15" square. It's one of numerous "feather" pieces that is currently available for purchase. UPDATE - This piece has been SOLD


Kelly said...

Dearest Mouse!

Your blog is so much fun to read! It looks like you've been having a lot of fun. I just read a bunch of posts out loud to Chris while he works. We got a good chuckle. We miss you!


P.s. Sorry for the Packers loss. Chris took it pretty hard since it was his birthday. :(

Teri said...

Hi Mary,
I love the beaded feathers! Just makes me wonder what the bird they came from looks like...;)

Mickey said...

Mary...Love your blog!