Thursday, January 17, 2008


Wow, the Arlington Quilters Guild (TX) is one eager group.  Yesterday, nearly 25 of us squeezed into a small classroom while we learned 'speed beading'.   Why 'speed beading'?? Basically, once we were all in our seats, there was no other choice than to bead, bead, bead, because only a shoe horn could budge us from our tight quarters.  

And you know what?  There wasn't ONE complaint or grumble.  These quilters know how to rally and one can tell, this group is all about learning, having fun, and cooperation.  It was a delight to introduce my beading techniques to them.

The work station I used was in the center of the tables, with about 2 inches on either side to move to the reminded me to keep my dieting resolve!

The students assure me that beads will be shining at their meeting during show and tell. Thank you for being such a good group!

I'm on the road again today to Trinity Valley to teach another beading class and present a lecture this evening at Parker County.  Stay tuned.....

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Priscilla Hill said...

Ah,yes! Texas quilters are the best. My days in Dallas taught me to get along with people whether it was on the road in traffic or smooshed into a tiny classroom. There were always so MANY of us!! Stay as long as you can ... we are expecting more snow tonight!