Saturday, January 12, 2008


We couldn't be more anxious or nervous as game time counts down for our beloved Packers who are in the playoffs today.  We proudly fly our flag, knowing it's probably the only one of its kind in miles and miles.  *Note the famous "smoke" as in the "Smoky Mountains" in the background.  It fills the valley down below us, yet blue sky shines above.  

I'll be decked out in my Packer sweatshirt (arms already raised in triumph) and my lucky socks....they never fail!  We want a win for Brett, he's so deserving!  I grew up about 45 mins. from Green Bay, and like most cheeseheads....we love our Packers.

I'll bet if you listen carefully, you'll hear me screaming......hopefully with joy!


Please Visit! said...

Hi Mary!!
Nancy told me that you had a blog. I am going to enjoy reading it. I hope you have been well.

Teri said...

I apologize, I was updatting our guild blog. This is Teri. I didn't sign the first response to you because I didn't know that I was still under the guild identity. Sorry!