Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Process continues on this version of the traditional Chinese Coins patchwork pattern.
 As is my typical approach to quilt designing, I prefer to select, cut, & arrange fabric on my design wall before sewing it together. In this case patchwork rows 1-3 are now sewn but the long strips of fabric are not.  I've realized the seams between the two will be too bland.
So, by adding narrow red flanges (left) there's an immediate positive change.  That pop of color worked!  Notice how dull the strip on the right is without it. 

So....obviously more stitching (and cutting) is required.....but slowly the piece is coming together.


Nancy said...

Wonderful fabrics and the accent of red works perfectly! Keep stitching!

The Idaho Beauty said...

A great way to use up those scraps from the Japanese fabrics and you are so right about that pop of red. It would be mediocre without it.

Robbie said...

Yep...that little piece of red adds to the top! You are so darn good!