Thursday, December 12, 2019


December wraps up another fun and educational year for the Fiber Junkies.  It's the first holiday party with new member Susan Webb Lee and the return of Denny Webster after an extended recovery period after her spinal fusion.  Sadly, it's also the first full year without our dear friend Val, a founding member of the Fiber Junkies who passed away last January.
 Show and tell was sparse this month.....I guess everyone was busy with Thanksgiving activities and getting prepared for Christmas.  However, Gen was able to find time to knit this adorable doggie sweater....cable stitching and all...can you believe it?!?
 Kate organized a small holiday project this month....fabric covered Styrofoam to resemble pine cones.
 She was inspired by this You tube video
Supplies are few.....sequin pins, Styrofoam eggs, and 1" fabric squares, sides folded to make a point at the top.
Gen (left) and Kate wearing cute holiday sweaters.
 Susan quickly got the hang of attaching the tiny fabric pieces to create this colorful pine cone.
 A sample of completed and nearly completed pine cones.
 Of course feasting is always a part of our gatherings, but none as yummy as a luncheon of all appetizers!!   As seen from top to bottom (and there was more not yet added to the table) -  artichoke/spinach bread bowl, mini meatballs, tortilla turkey/cheese/spinach roll ups, and delicious stuffed dates.
 Denny treats us every year with this spectacular and very realistic Yule Log made by a bakery in the Greenville, SC area.
You can see we weren't the least bit shy about digging into this yummy treat!

Our Jan. and Feb. 2021 dates are already in our calendars as we embark on year # 13 of Fiber Junkies.


Robbie said...

Love the pine cone idea!!! I'll have to bookmark for next Christmas idea!!! Cake looks great!!! YUM>>YUM>>

Linda M said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading, both of the parties looked like so much fun!