Monday, July 29, 2019


What is it with dogs?  Why when they have a perfectly comfy dog bed do they insist on sneaking up to recline on couches or human beds???  Our Sooty is no exception....turn your back and she leaps, curls up small to be invisible (as small as a 60# lab can get) and ignores eye contact when told to get down.

I give new project is my version of putting plastic covers on our leather gads.....Plastic ?? NEVER.....   Anyway, Sooty's preferred couch is in the man cave.  It will soon have a quilt to cover the leather cushions. 

I've cut 3.5" wide brown strips in varying lengths and 1" wide x 3.5" black strips surround each.  Quilters who are chain piecers will be horrified by my lame approach to piecing.  Each row is arranged next to the previous one, making sure none of the black sashing strips align next to each other......then it's moved to the sewing machine, double checking as I go to be sure the placement is still accurate. The cut rectangles are at hand on the design wall to grab and place as each row is auditioned  

Nah, it's not a masterpiece of design, but it will coordinate with the decor and I suspect Sooty will love it!  I'll share a photo when it's finished.


Nancy said...

Sooty will be happy! Our pets gravitate towards quilts, too. Even when they are still in pieces.

The Idaho Beauty said...

It's best to give in and accept that those Labradors just want to be where you are or have been. I found a really good dog blanket through LL Bean I think, had padding and a nice plaid flannel side to keep it from slipping off the back of the couch too much and fairly waterproof too, so it looked nice, was appealing to the dog and protected my cloth couch from not only dirt and dog hair but abrasions and tears from those paws and claws. This is going to be wonderful in the man cave on that leather couch. Heck, I'd love to have it myself with those colors, although I don't shed as much as Sooty probably does. ;-)

And yes, I've always been amused at the way dogs will avert their eyes as if they think if they don't make contact, you can't see them. And of course, if they can't see you, the selective hearing can't hear you either - lol

Ruth said...

Whatever method of sewing pieces together that works for you is what you should do!! I just finished sewing together strips for the back of a small t-shirt quilt, and I only chain pieced two rows at a time because I didn't want to sew the wrong pieces together..turns out, I sewed one entire strip in the wrong direction anyway. But I don't feel like taking out those two long seams and besides, it still looks good with the two strips beside it. Better done than perfect.