Friday, July 12, 2019


We are members of a very active car club that sponsors scenic drives along the many, many fun to navigate mountain roads.  21 vehicles made this trip through the Nantahala Gorge, stopping at the Outdoor Center before heading along Wayah Road, one of the prettiest roadways in our area (with tons of curves and  switchbacks to challenge all those sports cars). 

A must (unless you are in a sports car) is a visit to Wayah Bald Tower in the Nahtahala National Forest.  Obviously we bypassed this historic site and headed for a stop in Franklin, NC for lunch.  Finding a restaurant that can accommodate 33 people AND has adequate paved parking away from other cars is often time consuming for the scouts who plan these trips.  We are always grateful to the organizers of these adventures.  "The husband" was the lead car for group #1...with radio in hand to communicate with our 'sweeper' car......all 10 cars in our group kept the pace with no missed turns!     

So....'the husband' had his 'seat time' with this drive and I'll have mine as I wing my way to Wisconsin for a family wedding.  Upon returning.....I'll be holed up in the studio!!


Kathy said...

"Seat time", family time, studio time--all important elements in our lives. Enjoy each moment totally!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

What, no pics of Nantahala? Be safe on your trip to Wisconsin

Robbie said...

Glad hubby got some fun times in!!!! Enjoy more family time!!!