Thursday, June 14, 2018


The Fiber Junkies meetings have been less frequent as our "6-some" is now down to 5. We miss Val terribly and hope her health will one day allow her to attend meetings again.

With all the fabric I'm dispersing, four of us got together and like a well oiled machine, made 10 kits for our guild's community quilt committee.  Our PTA (Professional Textile Artists) group will meet in early fall and have a sew-in to assemble the quilts.  That's what quilters do...don't we?!?
 I arrived with 3 bags - 20 pounds each of fabric.....somewhat sorted. Judy's beautiful and well equipped studio was the perfect setting for our job!  Of course it all had to be pressed in preparation for cutting with the 3 die cut machines we had on hand to use.
 After pressing, each station got various pieces according to how we wanted it cut.
Here Kate is cutting some tumbler blocks.
This is Denny's impressive electric's magic!!
She had dies that cut various widths of strips and other configurations.  That sure made fast work of creating kits!
Kate is a whiz at coordinating such diverse selections of fabrics AND figuring out the math.  We start by choosing the backing....which sometimes required piecing.  Next we cut squares or tumbler blocks....often times we included border fabric as well.  AND, each kit also got precut binding strips!
Assembly notes are added to the packaged kits when necessary...we ended up with 10 kits.  I came home with one bag of fabric that probably weighed 35+ pounds.  Guess we will be doing this again......


Ann Scott said...

You all are awesome! And yes, that's what quilters do.
I'm making a queen size Warrior Foundation quilt; they are our San Diego Quilt Show charity this year, so individuals (or teams) are making a total of twelve quilts. Any chance you would have four yards of anything red, white and/or blueish left over (I'm looking for backing)? Thanks.

Nancy said...

Wow- quick work for kitting the fabrics! I've seen die cut machines at work, but have not really wanted one. But for this, it's perfect.

Robbie said...