Wednesday, July 19, 2017


We begin our monthly meetings with coffee/snacks (hey we are treats are just part of any gathering) is Show and Tell. Inspiration abounds and I'm only sharing a glimpse of this month's eye candy!
Val has an enormous collection of her own silk screen designs...this fern is's printed over a deconstructed print fabric.  The color she chose is unexpected yet perfect!
Here's another piece Val screen printed.....I folded a section of the back over on the right side of this photo so you can see just how effective her screen printed design is. (Kinda a before and after look.)
Val's - layer #1 paint on cotton, layer #2 silk screen mesh design, layer #3, silk screen motif....again using robin's egg blue color.
Val's - painted cotton with silk screen image.
Val's - I just love the simplicity of this piece, painted with thickened MX dyes.
Kate brought this stunning large quilt.....straightforward piecing while her choice of colors and the addition of the black vertical bands makes it a real stand out.
Denny participates in several online classes.....and of course I can't recall the name of the one she's currently enjoying.  A bonus for the group recently was a pattern for this tote bag featuring houses that are also incorporated into the class quilt.

She loves the size as it fits this clever Lap App. It's a padded device that sits on ones' lap to create a comfortable height for hand sewing or reading.
When not in use, it collapses and fits nicely in her tote bag!

Here's another piece Denny made....she's the queen of layering......
Gen continues to play with alcohol inks.....doing a bit of 'tangle drawing'...these are awesome!

Visit again when my next post unveils this month's successful activity.....


Kathy said...

Such variety and talent! What a great group. Thanks for sharing what you all do.

The Inside Stori said...

Perhaps some of you readers will seek out like-minded fiber lovers in your area and start your own Fiber Junkies group!!

margaret said...

once again your ladies have made some unique pieces. The bag really caught my eye love a wonky house and maybe now will make a tote bag with one on well one day maybe

Robbie said...

Just read Judy's post too. Love all the show and tell!!!