Friday, July 21, 2017


This meeting was like having an 'independent study' day....with encouraging classmates ready to advise and assist.  Everyone brings supplies and it's all readily shared.....cooperation is one of the many keys for the success of this group.
Val worked on painting fabric.
Her keen eye for color is the envy of all of us.  We know this is just the beginning of another wonderful project.  I expect she'll be screen printing over the paint soon.
 By no means is this group competitive.....cheer leading for each other is common.....and Gen is doing just that!
Kate spent most of her time painting with dyes and eco-printing. She's scribbling with a dye filled syringe on white cotton.
Next she began adding paint with a brush. Denny's influence of layering designs has now been ingrained with all of us.  You can be sure this is just Kate's first layer.
Judy also eco-printed and did some deconstructed screen printing.  I LOVED this piece......the design comes from a place mat.
 My last post showed a table of supplies for eco-printing......Val also took the trouble of having fresh eucalyptus on hand....which prints beautifully.
 The photo is poor but squint and you can make out 4 bundles right out of the vinegar/water bath.  Both paper and fabric have been layered with leaves and other flat objects, secured with thin cedar shingles and binder clips.

 Honestly, you can not imagine the squealing that went on when we opened them.  Here's one of my pieces of felted wool that was a left-over from making baskets.  Interestingly, this same fabric was far less successfully printed when the metal disc wasn't seemed to provide enough of a chemical reaction to the vinegar to generate wonderful color.
Dress weight wool.....not felted....that had been previously over-dyed a yucky pale pink....but now....hey, I like it.
More small paper pieces drying....

NOW....a question for the readers in the hopes that someone might guide me.  Some of the paper prints have a strongish vinegar odor. Obviously, that can't be washed away......will time dissipate it?


Nancy said...

So much fun. Oh that eco-dyeing is awfully appealing. I'd go for it more if it weren't so messy I think. Eucalyptus sure makes great prints and the anticipation of "unbundling" surprises is a big part of the process. I would never have thought about the vinegar odor, but wool would have a tendency to trap it more than the paper. It would seem that a good airing out would take care of it, but that is just a pure guess.

The Inside Stori said...

It is funny that the wool hasn't retain the vinegar order like the paper has. However, I've been airing them for a few days and it seems to be disappearing. My sniffer is quite sensitive so it might just be me that finds them troublesome!

margaret said...

more unique creatings you have here, sorry no advice re the vinegar hopefully it will gradually disappear as you mentioned in the previous comment