Thursday, July 20, 2017


......Fiber Junkies July meeting continued....
It was another free for all gathering, yet not as uncontrolled as one might expect with 6 very excited attendees!  Val hosts our group in her outdoor studio from spring to fall.  Honestly, there are no words to say how generous she and husband Skip are. Here's a view of the supplies needed for eco printing....all gathered and organized for us to jump in and get started!
Kate is carefully pulling out our wood encased bundles after an hour in a vinegar/water bath.  Obviously it's hot so we let them cool before unbundling.
I very quickly made up two bundles for the eco-print pot (results in next post) and then turned my attention to the indigo pot Val had ready for us.  Did I say how very, very, very generous and thoughtful she is?!?
Indigo is a favorite color of mine and since my stash was nearly depleted of dyed fabric from previous sessions, I knew I wanted to concentrate on this activity for most of the day.  I'd came prepared with dowels, rubber bands, string and fabrics that I wanted to over-dye. 

This is my first piece which had been a light tan small checkered print.  I'm starting small just to test out the strength of the vat dye.  
As you may know, the fabric turns greenish when it's dipped in the vat.....when removed and hits turns blue.  This view is right after unfolding the fabric.
Here it is again on the left....drying in the sun on some bushes.  I think I'm in love!
Our son and DIL are so very thoughtful....they've picked up fabrics for me during their world wide travels.  If I hadn't been in such a frenzy to get started I'd have taken a photo of the selvage to document where it came from.  Large scale prints are difficult for me to use, as is this color scheme, so I over-dyed it.
Again, I was met with success and am over-joyed!
Here's a look at most of my indigo pieces drying in the sun along Val's driveway.
I'm not the only one who used the indigo vat pot.....Val did some clever folding with these great results.

Part 3 is next....check back in won't you?


Kathy said...

Beautiful results and always so much fun to do it in the company of like-minded friends!

The Inside Stori said...

Well said Kathy!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Your indigo dyes are lookin' good!