Tuesday, April 25, 2017


At the Fiber Junkie's March meeting, our focus was working with alcohol inks.  
 I'd read about using plastic sheets/transparency products and decided to see if the inks would adhere to some Xray film.  I'd unearthed more than a dozen big sheets from a past medical issue that were of no use to me now.

The inks didn't work.  Hey...a girl's gotta try right?  I gave some to Val because I just KNEW she's come up with a brilliant way to utilize them.
.....And she did!  Here's a prototype of a coaster.....a section of the film has been cut and adhered to felt.  I tried it out using a hot coffee mug....results "A+".  Next I'll see how it holds up to a glass filled with an icy cold beverage.

Kuddos to Val.....


margaret said...

certainly a good bit r recycling going on with the xray plates. Presume they give you your xrays here the hospital keep them

Robbie said...

So clever! I have a 'foot' x-ray from my neighbor I used for solar printing...Now I know what else I can use it for! HA